Meet Jeffrey Johnson Owner of Jeffrey Johnson Jewelry Store Owner. Jeffrey Johnson Jewelry Consultant and Gold Jewelry Appraiser. Jeffrey Johnson Has 32 Years Experience in the Jewelry Business as a jewelry store owner. Jeffrey Johnson has used and independently reviewed the leading cash or gold websites his findings and reviews of the top cash 4 gold websites are posted here. Welcome to, my name is Jeffrey Johnson. For the past 32 years I have been in the Jewelry business as both an employee and more recently as a store owner.

Gold is the platform for any jewelry store and you could say it's been my bread and butter for the past 32 years. As the economy changes the gold price always fluctuates, and this in turn pretty much determines whether I'm holidaying in the Caribbean in the summer or calling off Christmas in the winter.

As you can imagine the past few years have been very hard for me, but not because the price of gold has fallen (because it's actually doing rather well) but because the slow economy has meant not as many people are buying gold jewelry as its seen as a luxury they can live without.

Around 13 months ago things got really tight, and I had to come up with a way to sell a large portion of my stock to pay the bills. This usually meant a trip to a local rival jewelry chain that would see my desperation to sell and end up offering me a ridiculously low rate which I had to accept in-order to save my business.

A close friend of mine is a bit of a computer whiz and introduced me to some cash for gold websites which allow you to signup, be sent a pre-paid insured envelope, which you send back containing your old gold. You normally receive a check back within a few days.

I thought this sounded great for me. So as I was rather new to this method of selling gold, I sent off a few small items. A few days later I did receive a check of more than double the money I would have got from my competitors.

Then I took a whole load of stock that wasn't selling, went onto and did some searches to find a company that had a better price than my last one. After looking at loads of cash for gold websites I found one that looked very good, so I sent my gold jewelry off. To my dismay the check arrived in the mail for less than half what I was expecting!

After getting ripped off I made it my mission to take small items and test as many Cash for Gold websites as possible. As you can see from my reviews, you are best off with my number 1 pick, Their online gold exchange website is not very easy to use but they are extremely professional and always pay on time. Their price is also always the best on the net.

Happy Selling!
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Express Gold Cash

Express Gold Cash

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Express Gold Cash Review.
  1. Price5 Star Express Gold Cash Review.
  2. Insurance5 Star Express Gold Cash Review.
  3. Guarantee5 Star Express Gold Cash Review.
  4. Support5 Star Express Gold Cash Review.


Express Gold Cash is definitely the 1 pick for selling gold jewelry online.

They are an extremely professional company. Their price is also always the best on the net and they are not afraid to show it since they post there daily prices for any quantity of gold whether big or small clearly on there website. They also have another cool feature which is there gold value calculator which allows you to know how much your gold is worth before you send it out.

They are so confident you’ll be happy with their service they even offer you $20 in cash and your goods returned within 24hrs if you aren’t 100% satisfied!


If you are looking for the best price for your gold online, there is no-one that we have found that pays more than these guys. If you do find an online gold buyer with a better price,but would prefer to go with for their excellent level of service and professionalism, I am sure if you call them up on 877-GOLD-165 they will match any offer you receive.


Whenever I have a post sale customer support query they are always friendly and answer within seconds, unlike some other Cash for Gold companies that put you on hold for ages hoping you will hang up the phone.


You simply can not go wrong with this Buyer. Based on my experience and other user’s reviews, ExpressGoldCash is a reputable, honest and customer orientated business. With all the poor Cash for Gold websites out there it is clear Express Gold Cash is miles ahead of the competition.

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